Sue Apfelbaum

Sue Apfelbaum

Editorial and content strategist

Sue Apfelbaum is a content strategist and editorial consultant. She is the co-author of Designing the Editorial Experience (, a book about editorial design and user experience.

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64695 res rock and roll mcdonald s tom sachs and nutsy s world article

RES | Rock and Roll McDonald's: Tom Sachs and Nutsy's World

In 2003 I met the artist Tom Sachs at his studio and asked him about the worlds he creates through sculpture and videos, directed by the Neistat brothers. This was one of the most bizarre and most fascinating subjects I've ever covered!

33486 res digital habitat jeremy boyle article

RES | Digital Habitat: Jeremy Boyle

In-the-studio feature on sound artist Jeremy Boyle.

33485 res profile neill blomkamp article

RES | Profile: Neill Blomkamp

Before becoming the famous Hollywood director of Elysium and District 9, Neill Blomkamp was spotlighted in RES as an "up-and-comer" with a disarming way of fusing CG animation and live action drama in his commercial and short film work.